Techenomics congratulates Downer on loco contract

Feb 18, 2015 | locomotive oil analysis


Techenomics congratulates Downer on loco contract

Techenomics International, the preferred oil analysis provider to Downer EDI Limited, congratulates Downer on its recent success in being awarded a contract with Pacific National for maintenance on their locomotives. The value of the contract, which was awarded earlier this month, is approximately $1 billion.

Techenomics has worked with Downer for 10 years, providing targeted oil analysis and condition monitoring services. Techenomics’ CEO Chris Adsett says, “They are a great company to work with and we are proud to be their preferred oil analysis provider.”

The term of Downer’s Locomotive Maintenance Agreement with Pacific National is 10 years. It involves Downer providing a full suite of asset management services for more than 300 Pacific National locomotives, including a range of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services and a 24 hour Fleet Control Centre.

Downer CEO Grant Fenn says, “The new features of the agreement include remote monitoring of the assets and inspections while in service to ensure more locomotives are available for service, the locomotives are out on the tracks for longer hours and that they run at higher levels of reliability.”

Techenomics’ range of fluid management solutions covers locomotives. Chris Adsett says, “We are constantly working on better analytical tools for all our customers and we have studied fuel contamination in locomotive engines in particular, with focus on viscosity and oil flash point to provide indicators of fuel dilution. We look forward to continuing working with Downer into the future.”

The Pacific National contract follows Downer’s recent awarding of a contract with a major mining company to maintain haul truck fleets at two coal mines in the Bowen Basin in Queensland. The contract, which is for two years with an additional one year option, is valued at around $60 million. Approximately 110 people will be employed to service around 90 haul trucks.

Techenomics’ total fluid solutions also apply to haul trucks and all other equipment utilizing lubricants, wherever the location in Australia and further afield in South East Asia, Northern Asia, Turkey and East Africa.

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