Customers are all it’s about in 2015

Feb 5, 2015 | condition monitoring, customer service, oil analysis, Press Release, seminars

Customers are all it’s about in 2015

Customers have always been an integral part of our business. But in 2015 we are going one step further and partnering with our customers to base their Oil Analysis programs on the feedback customers have given – consequently providing customers with everything they really want.

According to Techenomics CEO, Chris Adsett, “We want to help our customers. We really listened to them and their feedback throughout 2014 and we have even put together a research group to focus on developing new technologies, investigating new products and implementing targeted solutions. We want customer’s problems to become our problems. We don’t just sell spare parts and we certainly don’t profit from customers equipment failure.


Already changes are being made and Techenomics are lowering costs, improving reliability and increasing availability of our customers’ equipment.

Maintenance programmes will be driven by oil analysis data and will compliment the customer’s maintenance department with planning and scheduling advice. No longer is there one solution or oil test regime to suit all applications.

In the area of maintaining truck fleets, a low cost simple screening test to identify truck engines at risk will be carried out, named ‘Truck screen’. Techenomics ‘Truck Pak’ will provide an oil analysis kit and programme with support advice for customers to maintain their truck fleet.

Techenomics has been working in the mining industry for over 20 years. And as a result of understanding the mines and listening to their customers they have created ‘Mine Pak’, a comprehensive service to cover mine mobile equipment as one fleet.


Two weeks ago our customers in the predominantly coal mining area of Sangatta in Indonesia asked for more training and technical knowledge transfer. Last week six of our people delivered by putting on a one day technical seminar on oil analysis and condition monitoring.

The seminar was a great success and attended by about 30 representatives from 8 companies. In addition to the training some lower cost options for oil analysis were provided.

Throughout 2015 Techenomics will be listening to even more customers as they develop new markets over a wider geographical region with the announcement that they have just entered into an agreement to extend their services into Europe and the Middle East. The company is also in the final planning stages of opening a laboratory in the Pekanbaru area on the island of Sumatera to principally service the mining industry.


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