You need training for better results

Dec 10, 2014 | condition monitoring, oil analysis, training

You need training for better results

Techenomics continue to lead the way in Mongolia, this time conducting Oil Analysis Training to employees of customer, Oyu Tolgoi, one of the world’s largest new copper-gold mines.

The purpose of the Oil Analysis Training, which is the Second Training for 2014 at OT Mine Site, was to explain the importance of OA, Sampling and to show employees how to sample effectively.

Techenomics Failure Analyst, Mr. Andaru Gunawan and Mr.Tumenjargal conducted the training and demonstrated how to successfully take samples from equipment.

“Techenomics does more than 15,000 oil samples every month across the group and we are happy to share our expertise knowledge and provide training for customers in this area.” Says Mr. Andaru Gunawan, Techenomics Failure Analyst.

Mr. Andaru Gunawan, training Oyu Tolgoi maintenance staff

Mr. Andaru Gunawan, training Oyu Tolgoi maintenance staff

“Oyu Tolgoi is one of the most exciting developments in copper and gold mining for several decades in Mongolia. As well as containing reserves and resources that make it one of the world’s largest copper-gold deposits, Oyu Tolgoi will generate up to a third of Mongolia’s GDP and is committed to employing a minimum 90 per cent Mongolian workforce. For Techenomics Mongolia to be able to provide training to help the operation continue to run smoothly is our honour” Continues Mr Gunawan.

The hands on Oil Analysis training first looked at what oil is good for, how to prevent contamination, how to test water in oil and Fuel in oil (fuel dilution) before going on to explain and show the reasons for oil sampling, precautions that must be taken when testing, correct tools to use when sampling and when to sample for the best results.

Oyu Tolgoi maintenance staff in OT Training

Oyu Tolgoi maintenance staff in OT Training

The training ended with an in-depth explanation and demonstration of two methods of sampling including Valve/life sampling and Vacuum Extraction and then discussed where to sample and sample label data.

With better knowledge on how to take an Oil sample, both Techenomics and Oyu Tolgoi hopes its will acheieve  better results


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