Is Oil Analysis Childs Play? BO on the GO

Nov 24, 2014 | Blue Oceans, Bo on the Go, oil analysis

Is Oil Analysis Childs Play? BO on the GO

Unlike the childrens TV programme, BO on the GO is an adults’ tool  to reduce your maintenance costs, improve equipment reliability and extend lubricant life.

Techenomics are excited to announce the launch of their new reporting and analytic Mobile app, ‘BO on the GO’, which delivers oil analysis testing updates, results and problems quickly and effectively straight to client’s mobile phones. Now clients can access accurate results anywhere, even when they are on the go and react immediately to them.


According to Techenomics International’s CEO, Chris Adsett “we have spent six monthsdeveloping this app for clients so we can offer them the best service possible when it comes to solving and fixing their problems. BO on the GO app allows customers to be well connected with testing cycles virtually instantly when they are on the move.

They don’t have to be at their computer to access their results or be notified of any problems. BO on the GO really brings reporting to the next level.”

Click here to download Bo on the Go for the iPad or iPhone

Click here to download Bo on the Go for Android devices

The unique BO on the GO app brings clients live updates from the testing samples and allows clients to access their Oil Analysis data from their mobile device, rather than waiting for the traditional PDF report. This allows them to constantly monitor their results when they busy and on the go and at any time or any place.

BO on the GO also sends the client mobile alerts once the analysis of a sample is completed and clients receive instant notificationvia an automated messaging system, straight to their mobile device, if any problem samples are found.

This gives clients the ability to react to any problems immediately, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

free-e-booksBO on the GO’s features include:

  • Reporting – Built in visual charting for control chart and trend chart powered by Quinn Curtis.
  • Sample Tracking– Track the sample status through each step on your device.
  • Mobile Alerts & Notification – Customers get instantly notified with the status of the sample as soon as the analysis is finished
  • Dashboard-A graphical representation of samples by Severity and turnaround time
  • Search Samples-Search samples based on any of the parameters (Plant id, Compartment, Sample Date, Severity)
  • Last Viewed Samples-To view details of last viewed samples
  • Sample Severity-Grouping sample based on severity, Normal, Warning, Problem
  • Alerts and reports-To view the monthly sample statistics and to view the last 10 samples uploaded daily.

BO on the GO can be downloaded to all Android phones and iOS phones and is available from Apple store and Play stores.

Existing Customers –
Download the app, and then send an email to to request activation on your mobile device.
Your login details will be forwarded to you.

Interested in this service?
For a demonstration, download the app and then use the following login details to see Bo on the Go in operation…
Username –
Password – demo


Click here to download this release as a pdf file

For further information on BO on the GO and all enquiries please contact:

For media enquiries please contact Brooke Tolar, DragonFly Public Relations on T: 0411 553 246 or e-mail:

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