Can the customer provide their own oil analysis limits?

Nov 12, 2014 | Blue oceans Software, oil analysis | 0 comments

A big question from our customers about their oil Analysis is “how can they provide their own oil analysis limits”?

Some of customers use limits from an Independent Laboratory which has tracking data for the same component and equipment, other customers use OEM limit from manufacturer.

This is really important for your oil analysis report. Because without a considered alarm how can you accept the report and have confidence that your result is good enough to manage  your maintenance programme ?

The customer can provide their own limit, but remember the key to success is accurately defining the data sets. That means not just tracking sample results by equipment and generic component but also constant comparison with limits set to provide alarms that component wear is at critical or dangerous levels.

You must work with your Laboratory team, OEM team and your Oil Supplier.

To create oil analysis alarm limits proactively you need to :

  1. Collect oil analysis results from an Independent Laboratory over a period of time
  2. Ask your OEM for wear metal limits for each component.
  3. Collect product data sheets to know the physical and chemical properties of your Oil

Those three keys will establish an acceptable range for each specific component.

We really understand how important this issue is and help our customer to create their own limits using our Wear limit calculator. Customers are able to use our software. Please go to .

Right side go to Blue Ocean login, put in your username and password. For demo you just click login directly.  Then you can see “WL cal “.

You can create limits by element to trend, equipment type, equipment to trend, and compartment to trend.

We are an independent Laboratory, if you need more data for your equipment, you can call our specialist engineer to help you to create your oil analysis limits.

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