Why the Wheels Don’t Stop

Nov 11, 2014 | Locomotive Testing, Lubrication, oil analysis

Why the Wheels Don’t Stop

Yasemin Fadil, Failure Analyst and Officer in charge of Techenomics operations in Turkey is an integral part of the Techenomics team – she’s like the person that keeps the trains running on time in Europe, she is the one that finds the problems, advises clients on how to fix them and makes sure their equipment continues to operate.

Yasemin keeps the lab wheels turning and ensures all results are reported on time, are accurate and offers the best possible solutions for clients. Customers trust her and she gives them confidence to know their equipment won’t break down.

Get to know Yasemin better in Techenomics ‘Leader Series’ interview and find out more behind this determined leader in Condition Monitoring.



Q: What is your main role at Techenomics Turkey? How long has Techenomics been operating in Turkey?

A: My main job is to interpret oil analysis results, give recommendations and provide solutions to customers. I also act as focal point for any developing business and investigate opportunities regarding OA in Turkey. Techenomics International has expanded their operations and have been offering services in Turkey since May this year.

Q: What is your educational background and do you think you need a special educational background to be a Failure Analyst?

A: I am a Chemical Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Process Engineering from University of New South Wales. I think it is important to have both educational background and experience; educational background helps to have better understating of technicalities and reasons behind the failures and with experience you get to see many different cases from different fields, such as mines, power stations, rail industry etc. and it helps to identify the failures and root causes easily.

Q: Have you ever faced any complaints from customer regarding your comments? If you have how do you handle that?

A: What I have faced is a request from customers to confirm the results and recommendations. Especially when there is a steep change in analysis history or very bad results for critical equipment, they want to make sure before they take action. Retest of the results is one of the services we provide at Techenomics. We keep the oil samples for 3 months so if the costumer asks for retest or extra tests we can provide them.

Q: Do you have any tips that you would share with us as a Failure Analyst?

A: I think failure analyst need to work hand in hand with customer to be able to get the correct course of action. Communication is very important. Our goal is to interpret the data to detect indications of a problem in the initial stages of development and give recommendations; the customer need to take the sample correctly and in a timely manner, and provide the lab with

equipment details and fluid information. Identification of the problems in the early stages of development can save companies a lot of money and time.

Thanks for reading my interview with Ms. Yasemin Fadil as a part of our leadership interview session. My next interview will be with be Mr. Sreejith Balakrishna, Operations Manager for Techenomics Australia. I hope you enjoyed your reading and see you at the next interview!


Techenomics has distributed specialty lubricants to the mining industry throughout Australia and Indonesia for more than 20 years with the business steadily growing into other parts of the world. In 1988, Techenomics introduced proactive condition monitoring and fluid management services.

Today, Techenomics focuses on its Total Fluid Management Services (TFMS), operating ISO 9001 accredited laboratories and consulting services. These laboratories all conduct lubricant analysis on used oils and greases, and analysis of wear debris. TFMS is operated by site-based teams who establish and maintain condition monitoring programs, and manage the total lubricant cycle at the clients’ facilities.

Techenomics’ consulting services focus on tribology; lubrication practices, product application, component wear, lubrication management and training programs. Its engineers  design and builds unique solutions to improve component life. Its training programs are not generic programs, they are custom developed for clients and aim to eliminate customers’ specific problems and are always results-orientated. These consulting services are often used in continuous improvement programs.

Techenomics’ lubrication and fuel services reduce maintenance costs for mobile and fixed plant equipment, irrespective of the industry.


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