Can the Techenomics Lab provide a schedule for taking oil samples?

Sep 16, 2014 | oil analysis, Techenomics | 0 comments

Yes the Techenomics Laboratories can help you in establishing a sampling schedule for all of your equipment. Each equipment will have its own scheduled along with each compartments for those machines. The benefits you gain in having the Laboratory help you with your sampling practices is better techniques and guidelines when and how to take the samples.

One of the major let downs or issues with Oil Analysis is improper sampling techniques or sampling practices. If a sample is taken at the wrong interval or taken from the wrong location, than this automatically has an effect on the analysis results and can lead to improper diagnoses of the oil and its components.

Most companies sample equipment at the recommended drain intervals, this seems to be a standard practice, however the issue with this practice is that they are sampling when the equipment is shutdown and already having its maintenance performed, now if the analysis on that equipment comes back with fuel dilution, coolant or glycol leakage as an example, than this equipment will have to come back into the workshop for checks and repairs. This means a second downtime and results in further costs and production losses.

Techenomics can improved or more appropriately fine tune your sampling practices so that the results are returned prior to the oil drain period and still fall within good guidelines of Oil Analysis Standards.

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