OnSpec Services Truck Coming off Contract

Sep 11, 2014 | Lubrication, mining industry, oil analysis

OnSpec Services Truck Coming off Contract

There are many companies in the Hunter Valley that supply Lubricants and dispensing equipment, but what they don’t offer is a method of supplying bulk lubricants pumped directly into the equipment.

Techenomics offer a service that allows the user to decide what type of lubricant is required, whilst Techenomics do supply their own brand known as Onspec Lubricants, it is entirely at the users discretion what they choose to use, as well as the quantity and the frequency that is required.

Techenomics have the ability to adapt the dispensing system to the requirements of the user and offer a 24/7 pump-on and supply service, this allows the user to concentrate and spend more time on other projects.


Why have the added stress of having machines run out of grease or oil when Techenomics supply a service that relieves you of this headache and pain? Techenomics not only reduce your stress levels but they also supply you with grease and oil consumption rates per hour and equipment scheduling to help reduce downtimes when equipment gets topped up.

Techenomics have a unit that has been dedicated to a mine site coming off contract soon. Please enquire for a competitive rate on a state of the act service that is much more than just keeping your equipment running. It’s a complete service.

Techenomics have been providing the pump on services for over 15 years. This has enabled Techenomics to provide clients with an online program that quickly highlights issue with consumption rates. The Blue Oceans program provides you with information on what was pumped on each day, for each piece of equipment. The program maintains all your history on each machine with individual graphs that track and trend your lubricant consumptions.



For more information regarding our truck service, please contact our expert Mr Darrin Garland at d.garland@techenomics.com to solve all your lubricants pumping issues.

Alternatively, contact Sam Kurup at sreejith.b@techenomics.com

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