Can the customer provide their own limits?

Sep 11, 2014 | condition monitoring limits, oil analysis, Techenomics

One of the major advantages of using an independent laboratory is the fact that you can supply your own limits, you can even have the laboratory trend your limits and work with them to establish your own personnel set of limits for your equipment.

Unlike OEMS that hide their generic limits and are based across a global set of trends, this might not actually work for your equipment, if they happened to trend their generic set limits from equipment that had been working in cold climates, and you are in Western Australia where temperatures might reach above 40 deg C in Summer or in Mongolia where Temperatures can be -40. An outside Temperature may be the Same in Several Areas around the Globe , Though OEMS Limits may not factor in Where, Lets take an Avg Temp of 35 Degrees , If you are in Victoria Australia that 35 Degrees will be far different to the 35 Degrees say in Central Queensland. So the Limits will vary and should be adjusted in most cases.

So yes you can and should set Limits according to your Location. Techenomics go a little further than just allow clients to use their own set of limits. The limits are shown on the right hand side of the report that allow users to easily identify what limits are being used and how close the analysis has come to setting those limits off. Try asking your own provider these questions and see what response you get. We would love to know, contact us ….


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