What are the best strategies to reduce costs by using oil analysis?

Sep 4, 2014 | oil analysis, Techenonics | 0 comments

A very good question!

Oil Analysis is generally used for identifying root causes, failure symptoms and faults within a preventative maintenance program. Maintenance personnel are able to utilise the Oil Analysis technologies to anticipate failures of the lubricant properties and the equipment components. Life extensions on components and lubricants can be achieved by utilising the analytical fluid results.

Just like in the Techenomics Oil Analysis Training Seminar. It is important that the client understands the Oil Analysis Fundamentals, Oil Analysis Sampling Techniques and the Oil Analysis Results. Only then can they fully comprehend the extent of cost reductions associated to Oil Analysis and Hydrocarbon Management.

Some of the typical reductions are:

  • Reduce downtime on equipment
  • Reduce compartment componentry
  • Reduce labour on repairs
  • Reduce lubricant usage
  • Reduce lubricant waste
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase componentry life
  • Increase availability rates

When it comes to receiving your analytical results on your lubricants, a client needs to track and trend the results so that patterns from within the history can be established. Techenomics provide the online Blue Oceans program that has this capability of trending the data, you should offer this free to your clients and give them a demonstration on how to use it.

The importance of Oil Analysis Trending

If they are still unsure of what the benefits are and how to obtain them, please offer a free training seminar so that they may fully understand what we are trying to achieve.


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