Oil Analysis in the Rail Industry – Techenomics International

Oil Analysis in the Rail Industry -  Techenomics International

railway-locomotive-oil-analysisImplementing oil analysis programmes on locomotives provides a mechanism for predictive maintenance which can indicate early warnings of potential problems, preventing costly engine failure and saving rail companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to Techenomics International’s Executive Director, Chris Adsett, “We have, for a long time, been performing Oil Analysis on modern and vintage locomotives, particularly Engine, Compressors and Traction Motors.We have seen the huge benefits of oil analysis for rail companies as it only takes the saving of one or two engine failures to underwrite the cost of the oil analysis programme”.

Techenomics are committed to working with the rail industry has even conducted research over the past 10 years to establish trends based on the collection of data, to correlate various analysis results.

“Developing techniques and programs for modern and vintage locomotives is really important to us and we have done ample research into Viscosity vs. Fuel Dilution, so we can correctly identify when a locomotive is in critical condition. We have also developed a ferrography technique which identifies contamination and wear debris.” Says Mr Adsett.

The Viscosity vs. Fuel Dilution research was conducted to establish an effective trend for oil analysis data against OEM guidelines. The purpose of the research was to identify how oil viscosity drops on each fuel dilution percentage for virgin and used oil samples, so as to develop a trending graph.

The below graph demonstrates how Viscosity vs. Fuel Dilution generates a platform for identifying Locos in critical condition.


Based on this research and on-going Oil Analysis programs, Techenomics has been able to detect fuel leaks, fuel dilution, air compressor wear, water leaks, and iron particles in locomotives engines.

These faults if not detected early and fixed are all detrimental in causing engine failure. In all instances the locomotive did not require to be withdrawn from service and the fault was repaired before it caused long term damage to the engine.

As well as continuing to develop techniques and programs for both modern and vintage locomotives, Techenomics also welcomes the challenge of looking at specific issues to assist the industry.

To view full Techenomics ‘oil analysis of locomotives’ client case studies please visit:

https://www.techenomics.net/case-studies/air-compressor-wear-locomotives/https://www.techenomics.net/case-studies/oil-analysis-identifying-fuel-leaks-locomotives/, and

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