Techenomics International Blue Ribbon Service

Sugraa3Techenomics International have introduced a Blue Ribbon Service for their existing range of condition monitoring services to offer world class oil analysis practices to critical customers. The Blue Ribbon Service is a state of the art service designed to exceed all expectations and provide superior results across all segments of the business.

According to Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett the Blue Ribbon service is currently being offered to clients and includes a number of key components. “Our Blue Ribbon Service is about fulfilling all aspects of our contracts to the maximum requirements rather than the minimum and going the extra mile to provide more than what is in the contract.”

A major component of the Blue Ribbon Service is providing free continuous training on all aspects of condition monitoring to help customers understand the benefits of Oil Analysis and best oil analysis practices. The free training includes oil sampling practices - not only training but checking how the samples are taken and recommending better practices where possible; oil analysis interpretation and understanding oil analysis reportsto help produce more meaningful data and better forensic analysis.

“Techenomics Mongolia recently provided training to a client that maintains a large fleet of over 80 pieces of equipment. The training was hugely successful with nothing but positive feedback. The training is such a fundamental part of the Blue Ribbon Service so we are delighted that it went so well.” Says Mr Adsett.

Another element of the Blue Ribbon Service is the application of all IT technologies and apps to speed up and extend the benefits of Oil Analysis.  This includes providing software solutions to trend oil analysis data.

“Techenomics recently created a new trending excel tool, Dashboard, to help diagnose equipment and oil issues via trends and patterns from within the Oil Analysis data. The dashboard will be placed into the Online Blue Oceans system to deliver high quality trending tools to all Techenomics clients located around the globe.

This is part of our Blue Ribbon Service created to maximise new developments in IT to further assist clients to maximise their benefits from condition monitoring and help reduce downtime on their equipment.” Explains Mr Adsett.

Part of the Blue Ribbon Service is for Techenomics to be continuously looking for new innovations that improve their service by sourcing new technology such as the taking of grease samples from electric motors and other closed bearings. This will allow the sampling of grease from places previously unreachable. Less than 30% of bearings lubricated with grease are traditionally monitored.

The final component is reporting and providing periodic and ad hoc reports to help clients see and identify potential improvements and ensure high levels of communication are maintained and the maximum transfer of knowledge occurs.

The Blue Ribbon Service will be continually upgraded as new opportunities arise so Techenomics can continue to help clients lower the downtime by improving reliability on equipment.

Image taken from Blue Ribbon Service training presentation…

Image taken from Blue Ribbon Service training presentation…


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For more information on Blue Ribbon Services please contact Sugraa Emgen (Techenomics Mongolia), sugraa@techenomics.com, Freddy Tamara (Techenomics Indonesia), freddy@techenomics.com , or Sam Balakrishna Kurup (Techenomics Australia) sreejith.b@techenomics.com or visit www.techenomics.net


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