Did you know that your local Techenomics not only analyse New and Used lubricants, fuel, coolants and greases but they also analyse Transformer Oils for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage.

Why is it important to test Transformer Oils?
Transformer Oils are subject to electrical and mechanical stresses whilst in operation. Testing of Dielectric breakdown can indicate contamination such as dirt, water, moisture and conducting particles within the transformer oil. All these contaminants will affect the ability of the dielectric strength. Changes in load conditions cause fluctuating temperatures to occur that can cause moisture to form in the oil. Moisture in transformer oil causes a voltage breakdown, this means the insulating ability of the oil is reduced. Moisture will cause the oil to emulsify and reduce its ability to lubricate, It will not be able to maintain adequate cooling abilities and will cause acidity.

When should Transformers be Tested?
It is recommended that Transformers be tested at least once a year (Annual). Techenomics would recommend that analysis be checked every quarter or as frequent as possible. The small cost of a sample against the replacement of the oil or a breakdown in a transformer is minimal in comparison.

What tests do I need?
Techenomics provide a standard package that consist of;

  • Dielectric Strength – IEC 156
  • Total Acid Number – ASTM D974
  • Water Content – ASTM D6304
  • Flash Point – ASTM D93

There are many other tests available, you will need to enquire about these.

Transformer Filtration
Techenomics also provide a range of filtration methods, one just so happens to be Transformer filtration. The Transformer purifier is able to extract free water, trace water, gasses and particles to effectively improve the oils dielectric strength.

By removing these contaminants you improve the transformer current output, extend the oil life and reliability of the transformer. To find out more what the video – Techenomics Transformer Filtration

For further information on Dielectric Testing, contact Techenomics for assistance.

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