Oil Analysis paves the way for Preventive Maintenance Strategies

Apr 1, 2014 | condition monitoring, oil analysis, predictive maintenance, preventative maintenance

Oil Analysis is the analytical results of a lubricant’s property, suspended contaminants and wear debris. The analysis provides information on friction, lubrication and wear. Major types of wear include abrasion, friction, adhesion, cohesion, erosion and corrosion.

Oil Analysis is performed during routine Preventive Maintenance to provide meaningful and accurate information on lubricants and the machine condition. Oil Analysis is the best tool to penetrate into the working heart of the equipment to reveal vital information about its condition and performance.

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Techenomics are putting together new programs to support preventive maintenance personal with their primary goal of preventing failures before they occur.

The programs are designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by providing the right information in the right time allowing the replacement of worn components before they actually fail.

Techenomics utilises the extensive knowledge of our staff and global spread of key laboratory facilities to give you informative and accurate solutions that will help you in your quest to lower operational costs and improve the reliability of your equipment.

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 We are here to help you, oil might be the lifeblood of our Engine but Oil Analysis is our life.

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Techenomics has distributed specialty lubricants to the mining industry throughout Australia and Indonesia for more than 20 years with the business steadily growing into other parts of the world. In 1988, Techenomics introduced proactive condition monitoring and fluid management services.

Today, Techenomics focuses on its Total Fluid Management Services (TFMS), operating ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and consulting services. These laboratories all conduct lubricant analysis on used oils and greases, and analysis of wear debris. TFMS is operated by site-based teams who establish and maintain condition monitoring programs, and manage the total lubricant cycle at the clients’ facilities.

Techenomics’ consulting services focus on tribology; lubrication practices, product application, component wear, lubrication management and training programs. Its engineers design and builds unique solutions to improve component life. Its training programs are not generic programs, they are custom developed for clients and aim to eliminate customers’ specific problems and are always results-orientated. These consulting services are often used in continuous improvement programs.

Techenomics’ lubrication and fuel services reduce maintenance costs for mobile and fixed plant equipment, irrespective of the industry.


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