Truck Fleet Analysis

Would you like to know which truck in your fleet is the next one that should be overhauled?
Have you ever had a fuel or water leak into your engine?

An engine operating in a dusty environment / dirt roads can very quickly get “blown” if a lose clamp or hole develops in the air intake allowing unfiltered air into the engine.

All of these problems can be detected by Oil Analysis. Many Engine Manufacturers specify oil analysis for their engines but not all mechanics carry out Oil Analysis.

Techenomics have developed a Sump Screening Test (SST) for Road Transport. This involves testing for Fuel dilution, Coolant leaks and Iron and Copper in your engine. A Low cost test package to identify the engine sump condition and Oil. Why wait, get your free trial SST done today.

For more information, please contact chris.purkiss@techenomics.com or sreejith.b@techenomics.com