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Techenomics have put together a ‘Leaders Series’ which is a range of interviews with Techenomics many leaders in Condition Monitoring. We hope you have enjoyed reading the interview and that have helped you gain a greater in depth understanding of condition monitoring and get to know our staff better.

The next interview in the ‘Leader Series’ is with Sugarkhorloo Emgen (Sugraa), Marketing Manager  of Techenomics Mongolia LLC.

Interview with: Sugarkhorloo Emgen (Sugraa) by Siti Munawarah


Q: Describe your position in Techenomics Mongolia and how long have you worked with the company?

My current position is Marketing Manager. I have been working at Techenomics Mongolia since October 2012, so about one and half years.

My job is very interesting and I enjoy being a Marketing Manager as I need to communicate with different people from different companies and research markets for new clients or customers. On top of my job, I always look out for external opportunities. I describe myself as a “Company Hunter“, because I always seek out companies whom I can introduce our services and try to understand current and potential customer needs.

 Q: As a Marketing Manager, how do you define customer care?

For me, customer care is a weapon to produce satisfied and pleased customers. I always put high attention on customer care because our service is a continuous service for a long period of time, so we have to dedicate ourselves to customer care to be successful and secure us long term relationships with customers.

Q: What do you consider as your strongest strength in dealing with customers?

My colleagues tell me I have very good communication skills, so I guess this is my strongest strength.  I have never faced any problems in communicating and talking with other people. I believe that first impressions showing on your face is important when you meet people. So I smile and say “hello” and then normally a great conversation starts. I feel lucky to be born as a talkative person as it is now my strongest point in my career. Besides that, respect is very important. I know if we respect everyone, they will show their respect to us too. Respecting people involves many things such as dressing, communicating and work ethics, etc.

Q: What is the most interesting project you ever worked on and why?

It would be when we were chosen to be the Oil Analysis service Provider to OYU TOLGOI PROJECT of Rio Tinto. I am very proud and grateful to work with one of largest and highest grade copper-gold mines in the world and its skilled, friendly and supportive employees.

Q: How do you feel working with Techenomics?

It is amazing to work in the family of Techenomics as I’m so proud to be working with experienced and skilled multinational experts, engineers, chemists in oil analysis and condition monitoring. I consider myself lucky to be employed by Techenomicswho has 25 years of success and experience in oil analysis and condition monitoring.

Q: In your point of view, do you think all managers have the capability to help others with their careers?

Yes, absolutely! As I said it is nice to work with experienced people and I found that our colleagues are all very helpful to each other and it’s amazing to see how our managers encourage everyone to help each other and work as a solid team. I feel very confident working with Techenomics Mongolia as I have number of people behind me that help me if I have a problem with any of the technical stuff. And, so far, I haven’t had any difficulty answering any of the technical questions from customers. I can thank our engineers who are always helping and supporting me for that.

Q: What do you want to achieve – what are your career goals?

I’m a very organised type of person. I like to write down my plans.  I have a short term goal and long term goal. My short term goal is to find as many clients as I can to introduce to Techenomics services in Mongolia and also to get Mongolian companies understanding about the benefits of oil analysis and condition monitoring.

My long term goal is to improve my knowledge and skill in Oil Analysis and Condition Monitoring. I want to make Techenomics Mongolia very well known, and a trusted oil analysis and condition monitoring service provider in Mongolia.

Q: As a woman, do you believe it is easier to work with management or customers?

I believe women are very unique creatures that can multitask, are hardworking, conscientious, and loyal and highly value the meaning of work. Nowadays more companies prefer to hire women as their staff. And as for customers, I believe it is easy for them to talk with women, as women can handle and solve the customer’s problem in a respective way.

Q: Since you’re a mother of three kids, how do you manage your time between career and personal life?

I am proud to be a mother of three kids and also a wife to my wonderful husband. He helps me a lot so I have somebody to help me with everything. I can’t imagine how my life would be without him. I don’t think without his continuous support and care that he has shown me, I would be able to manage both my life and career.

Q: What skills would you recommend other woman develop to help them advance in their careers?

For many woman it is not easy to develop their career because they complain they have no time. I want them to sit, write and start planning everything on paper. While sitting and organizing our mind, we can discover our true potential, understanding our strength and necessary skills. Further we can boost our career by getting resources, help and advice to plan, motivate ourselves and can develop our skills through this simple organized habit on paper.


Thanks for reading this interview with Ms. Sugraa as a part of our leadership interview session. Our next interview will be with Mr. Andaru Gunawan, Operations Manager for Techenomics Mongolia. I hope you enjoyed your reading and see you next Interview!!


To enquire about Condition Monitoring please contact Sugraa, email: sugraa@techenomics.com or visit www.techenomics.net.

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Techenomics has distributed specialty lubricants to the mining industry throughout Australia and Indonesia for more than 20 years with the business steadily growing into other parts of the world. In 1988, Techenomics introduced proactive condition monitoring and fluid management services.

Today, Techenomics focuses on its Total Fluid Management Services (TFMS), operating ISO 9001 accredited laboratories and consulting services. These laboratories all conduct lubricant analysis on used oils and greases, and analysis of wear debris. TFMS is operated by site-based teams who establish and maintain condition monitoring programs, and manage the total lubricant cycle at the clients’ facilities.

Techenomics’ consulting services focus on tribology; lubrication practices, product application, component wear, lubrication management and training programs. Its engineers design and builds unique solutions to improve component life. Its training programs are not generic programs, they are custom developed for clients and aim to eliminate customers’ specific problems and are always results-orientated. These consulting services are often used in continuous improvement programs.

Techenomics’ lubrication and fuel services reduce maintenance costs for mobile and fixed plant equipment, irrespective of the industry.