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Feb 21, 2014 | condition monitoring, interviews, Techenomics Mongolia

Techenomics have put together a ‘Leaders Series’ which is a range of interviews with Techenomics many leaders in Condition Monitoring. We hope you enjoy reading the interviews and they help you gain a greater in depth understanding of condition monitoring and you get to know our staff better.

The next interview in the ‘Leader Series’ is with Mr Andaru Gunawan.

Interview with: Mr. Andaru Gunawan, Operations Manager for Techenomics Mongolia by Siti Munawarah

Siti-Munawarah-and-Andaru Gunawan

Q: How long have you worked with Techenomics Mongolia and what is your job title?

I have been working for Techenomics Mongolia for about one year as Operations Manager. Previously I was working for PT. Tekenomiks Indonesia as Failure Analysis for two years.

Q: Who is your biggest customer for Techenomics Mongolia?

Our largest customer is currently OyuTolgoi (OT).

Q: How do you feel having them as your biggest customer? 

We are proud to be able to have a client like OT, we will always strive to provide the best services and of course not only for OT, but for all of our customers that are here.

Q: As an Operations Manager, what is your main role?

My role is to manage and monitor office and laboratory day to day operations and also build a relationship with current clients and new clients to promote Techenomics Mongolia services.  I also try to make everybody happy.

Q: Please describe your biggest leadership challenge?

For me the biggest challenge is when we are facing a situation where employees and co-workers have a different vision and mission of the company than what has been outlined. But these challenges must be resolved peacefully and by consensus.


Q: When customers put extreme pressure on you, how do you generally respond to it?

Usually I will respond to all the problems with a calm and level head. After that my team and I will find out the root of the problem regarding the company complaints and then try to figure out the best solution for both parties.

Q: How do you feel working with Techenomics?

For me working with Techenomics brings a lot of fun and a lot of new challenges that I have never had before.

Q: As a foreigner, how do you handle the challenges of a different culture, environment, language, food and weather?

I am trying to understand the culture, character and environment in which I work and stay. In regards to food, this is very hard for me because I’m used to living on the coast in Indonesia and my favorite food is Seafood. Living in Mongolia makes it hard for me to get seafood but I think I have now adjusted well to the food in Mongolia. As for the weather, as you all know it is very extreme,  sometimes it can reach -30 degrees Celsius in winter season and in summer time it reaches + 25 degree Celsius.

free-condition-monitoring-tutorialQ: Please share with us how you handle your employees?

First of all I have to understand the character of each co-worker and redirect them to something better because for me my team is my family.

Q: What is your educational background? What made you become the Operations Manager for Techenomics Mongolia?

I hold three certificates from Central Queensland Institute of TAFE as Mechanical Trade Engineering. Before I become the Operations Manager in Techenomics Mongolia, I worked with PT. Tekenomiks Indonesia as Failure Analysis and then Techenomics gave me and my colleagues the job of setting up the Laboratory in Mongolia a few years ago. I then got a promotion to Laboratory Manager and after a few months I was promoted to Operations Manager.

Q:  Please share with us your tips on how to manage the Team?

In my opinion “Leaders are people who do the right things and Managers are people who do the things right “.

Some tips from me to successfully manage a team:

  • Delegation : Successful delegation starts with matching people and tasks, so you first need to explain what your teams role and goals are
  • Motivating your Team : Always gives motivation to co-workers to achieve team goals
  • Developing Team Members : Developing team members will give co-worker or employees more experience in the roles
  • Communicating and working with your team nicely
  • Managing discipline

Thanks for reading this interview with Mr. Andaru Gunawan as a part of our leadership interview session. Our next interview will be with, Mr. John Booth, Acting CFO of Techenomics Group. I hope you enjoyed your reading and see you next Interview!!


Mr John Booth


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