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Feb 7, 2014 | Blue oceans Software, breathers, condition monitoring, dirty fuel, fluid analysis, fuel analysis

Over the past week, Techenomics have brought you exciting and informative information. We are your key partners in condition monitoring and fluid analysis. We will always listen and strive to give you solutions to improve your corporate outcomes. We are flexible, fast and friendly and prepared to work in any/ all of your operating precincts.

This article is our third addition to the ‘Leaders Series’ interviews
This interview introduces Freddy Tamara, Freddy is PT.Tekenomiks Indonesia’s General Manager. The interview is focused on helping you gain a greater in-depth understanding of condition monitoring and allow you to get to know our staff.

Fuel Dilution
Find out how Fuel Dilution gets into your oil. We explain what effects this will have on your engine and much fuel dilution is considered to be a problem. Combustion problems can have catastrophic effects.

Silicon – What is it and how did it get there?
What is silicon? How does it get into my oil? We explain in detail what you need to know to try and keep this contaminant out of your oil. Silicon is abrasive material and will cause accelerated wear. Check out our Tips on taking your sample correctly.

Water in Oil – How does the Laboratory determine this?
We provide you insight information into the functions of a laboratory. We explain what equipment and tests methods are used to determine water in oil. Find out how the experts test your sample.


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