Techenomics – Skills and People to Help Your Business #3

Feb 6, 2014 | Blue Oceans, condition monitoring, interviews, oil analysis

Techenomics have put together a ‘Leaders Series’ which is a range of interviews with Techenomics’ many leaders in Condition Monitoring. We hope the interviews help you gain a greater in-depth understanding of condition monitoring and get to know our staff better.

Following is the latest interview in the ‘Leader Series’ with Freddy Tamara, General Manager of PT. Tekenomiks Indonesia

Interview With: Freddy Tamara, General Manager of PT. Tekenomiks Indonesia

How long have you worked at Techenomics?
I’ve been at PTTI since 2008, so about 5 years now

What is your position at Techenomics?
General Manager of PT. Tekenomiks Indonesia

What does this involve you doing?
I am responsible for coordinating all management roles, controlling marketing activity and daily operations and development of the company.

What is the most interesting project you have worked on?
Kitadin waste oil project and SIS OA tender project.

What is your favourite thing about your job?
Meeting clients, helping solve customer problems, fulfilling customer needs and also improving PTTI performance.

How do you feel working with Techenomics?
I’m very happy and enjoy working with Techenomics.

Did you face any challenges in your working environment?
Yes, absolutely but I see every challenge as exactly that, a challenge that needs to be overcome or solved.

free-samplesI notice that Techenomics have Blue Oceans software that allows customers to easily check their sample result. Do you think that Techenomics can invent other services that we can provide to customers?
Yes, definitely it is possible to provide a new service to customers. I think competitors grow, so we really need something to attract competitors and customers attention.

What is your target for Techenomics in the future?
That the company will further grow to become more solid and even more worldwide. That we will be a settled company offering a complete package service to solve customer problems related to Oil Analysis, contamination control problems and condition monitoring. I want Techenomics to be a brand related with OA and condition monitoring services.

With your role as General Manager, you must be a very busy person. How do you manage work/life balance?
I always have valuable time with family especially on the weekends. Sometimes I don’t get spend as much time as I would like with my family, but that is the price of life.

What type of person you are and what is your goal for life?
I’m not a genius but I am responsible. My goal for life personally is to achieve all my responsibilities in a measurable way and controlled well and as a man I want happiness for my family.

Thanks for reading my interview with Freddy and I look forward to sharing my next interview with you of Sugraa, who is our Marketing Manager for Techenomics Mongolia. I hope you enjoy it. See you in the next interview!


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Techenomics has distributed specialty lubricants to the mining industry throughout Australia and Indonesia for more than 20 years with the business steadily growing into other parts of the world. In 1988, Techenomics introduced proactive condition monitoring and fluid management services.

Today, Techenomics focuses on its Total Fluid Management Services (TFMS), operating ISO 9001 accredited laboratories and consulting services. These laboratories all conduct lubricant analysis on used oils and greases, and analysis of wear debris. TFMS is operated by site-based teams who establish and maintain condition monitoring programs, and manage the total lubricant cycle at the clients’ facilities.

Techenomics’ consulting services focus on tribology; lubrication practices, product application, component wear, lubrication management and training programs. Its engineers design and builds unique solutions to improve component life. Its training programs are not generic programs, they are custom developed for clients and aim to eliminate customers’ specific problems and are always results-orientated. These consulting services are often used in continuous improvement programs.
Techenomics’ lubrication and fuel services reduce maintenance costs for mobile and fixed plant equipment, irrespective of the industry.

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