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Sep 5, 2013 | dielectric analysis, oil analysis, oil filtration, transformer oil analysis

Techenomics International is leading the way in the development of new condition monitoring  services with the company’s Mongolian laboratory expanding its services to now offer hot Transformer Oil Filtration and testing.

Techenomics Mongolia first started implementing transformer oil filtration and testing this year and now has a range of clients in this area. In August 2013, Techenomics Mongolia carried out onsite transformer oil filtration testing for Boroo Gold during the plant shutdown to remove impurities from the oil in a number of transformers such as water, particles and dissolved gas.

Standard parameter testing used by Techenomics Mongolia for transformer oil filtration (see table 1 ) and oil quality was controlled by onsite Break Down Voltage and Moisture Sensor.

The process involved Techenomics first sampling and testing the Oil for problems; then removing the moisture and particle contaminant (before and after filtration); until finally carrying out oil Insulation BDV Testing.


Image 1. Filtration Execution



Image 2. Oil Sampling and Testing

Based on oil testing results both Break Down Voltage tester (BDV) and water content (see table 1), the filtration was successful with results complying with IEC standards. Goals had been achieved and a happy client was the result.

“I was very satisfied with the service provided by Techenomics in servicing and filtering our site transformers. I found the service crew very professional and they did everything possible to work around our schedule. They also finished all the work in a very expedient time frame even staying late on occasion when needed.  The service was excellent and we will be dealing with Techenomics in the near future.” Says Pat Ricci, Superintendent, Boroo Gold Co., Ltd.

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