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We are announcing a series of two hour technical seminars to be held initially in our laboratories in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia; Bangkok, Thailand; Batam, Balikpapan and Sangatta, Indonesia; and Newcastle, Australia.

Topics to be covered are;

  • How to take an oil sample.
  • How to read and interpret the results of an oil analysis.
  • Why is condition monitoring important in a proactive maintenance programme?
  • Define Process Map of Oil Analysis. From determine best strategy to close loop for feedback on actions.
  • How to develop equipment specific , maintenance actions based on alarms for your equipment.
  • Oil change criteria.

Should you be interested in attending one of our seminars please register using this link.

We hope to see you at one of our seminars!
Chris Adsett, Techenomics International


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We provide Australia-wide oil analysis and condition monitoring services to a wide range of industries.



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Multiple oil analysis labs in Indonesia with provision of condition monitoring services throughout South-East Asia




We are rapidly expanding in Africa, with recently added locations in Botswana and Ghana…