May 1, 2013 | Lubrication, preventative maintenance

OnSpec Service Truck

We at Techenomics really value our customers and are constantly striving to provide the best service and solution to any problem.

It is with this in mind that five years agowe decided to purchase a service vehicle, a five tonne 4WD Mitsubishi tray truck that we could equip to provide lubricating services on site in the Hunter Valley region including at Mount Arthur Coal and Glennies Creek mine. We call this truck an OnSpec Services truck and we believe it could be used in many other areas of the mining industry.

On Spec Lubrication Truck

Our OnSpec Services truck pumps its range of ONSPEC lubricants 24/7 and also delivers directly onto equipment in the pits. The truck is flexible and has the capacity to access most areas on mine sites on a daily basis, during both normal and extreme weather conditions. It can quickly and accurately dispense lubricants and avoid the contamination issues normally faced.

To modify the truck to ensure it operated perfectly, engineers modified the tray to fit two 700kg product storage tanks with air driven pumps powered by the vehicle. Filtration units from the company were installed to carry and dispense lubricants from fluid bags, drums or intermediate bulk containers.

Our OnSpec Services truck has been a successful tool for many clients in the Hunter Valley region, being used at brambles for bulk filling of grease tanks at Glennies Creek mine and at Mount Arthur Coal, and will continue to provide lubricating services for many years to come.

Darrin Garland, OIC, Techenomics based at the Mt. Arthur site.


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