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Mar 27, 2013 | engine wear, Lubrication, oil analysis

Techenomics Australia, lubrication and condition monitoring specialist for over 30 years in the mining industry, have shown how versatile their skills are, after announcing that for the past 10 years the company has been conducting Oil Analysis Programs for a major Rail Company in NSW and carrying out research so they can better identify problems and failures and correct them.

“We have for a long time now established ourselves in the rail sector. We deliver Condition Monitoring services for 200 locomotives particularly Engine, Compressors and Traction Motors.” Explains Chris Adsett, Executive Director of Techenomics.

Techenomics also have conducted research over the past 10 years to establish trends based on the collection of data, to correlate various analysis results.

“We have done ample research into Viscosity vs Fuel Dilution, so we can correctly identify when a locomotive is in critical condition, we have also developed a ferrography technique which identify’s contamination and wear debris.” Says Mr Adsett.

The Viscosity vs. Fuel Dilution research was conducted to establish an effective trend for oil analysis data against OEM guidelines. The purpose of the research was to identify how oil viscosity drops on each fuel dilution percentage for virgin and used oil samples, so as to develop a trending graph.

The below graph demonstrates how Viscosity vs. Fuel Dilution generates a platform for identifying Locos in critical condition.

To identify abnormal levels of contamination and wear debris so that corrective actions can be scheduled accordingly, Techenomics is also using the research to successfully introduce Ferrography, a condition monitoring technique, in Locomotives. Aligned in-relation to spectrometric results and PQ value to better interpret the source of wear generation, the test is a microscopic analysis of oil samples to identify the wear modes and sizes.

“We are always looking at ways that we can provide a better service for our clients and being able to use Ferrography in Locomotives, in conjunction with routine Oil Analysis, will provide a better insight into wear generation in return to oil analysis dollars.

Ferrography also provides microscopic examination and analysis of wear particles for all types of lubricant fluids and greases regardless of its size, whereas spectrometers, which we currently use, do have a limitation of identifying wear particle < 8 microns.” Explains Mr Adsett.

The diagrams below illustrate how Ferrography provides Early Warning for Main Bearing Failure in Diesel Engine of Locomotive

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