Techenomics adds Transformer Oil Analysis to Help Companies Save Money

Feb 22, 2013 | dielectric analysis, Lubrication, oil analysis, transformer oil analysis

Techenomics adds Transformer Oil Analysis to Help Companies Save Money

Techenomics laboratory in Newcastle, Australia has upgraded their Dielectric Tester and can now continue to offer a more efficient Transformer oil analysis service to clients.

Transformer oil analysis, which Techenomics believes is an essential part of maintenance services, is offered by the company alongside oil analysis, magnetic plug inspections, and lubrication and filtration solutions to fixed and mobile plants. These maintenance services offered can significantly extend the life of equipment, lower unscheduled downtime and most importantly decrease costs.

Image 1 – Lab technician testing transformer oil

“Techenomics is always striving to offer our customers the best possible maintenance services to help them save money and Transformer Oil Analysis is part of this service.” Explains Chris Adsett, Executive Director of Techenomics.
“This testing is applicable to all industries where the use of transformers exists, including the Mining Industries, Power Plants, Sub stations and Waste treatment Plants.” Adds Mr. Adsett.

The dielectric strength of transformer oil is defined as the maximum voltage that can be applied across the fluid without electrical breakdown. Because transformer oils are designed to provide electrical insulation under high electrical fields, any significant reduction in the dielectric strength may indicate that the oil is no longer capable of performing this vital function.

Factors that can result in a reduction in dielectric strength include polar contaminants, such as water, oil degradation by-products and cellulose paper breakdown.

Continuous monitoring of Transformer Oil Analysis has numerous benefits for companies as it enables them to identify the point at which oil drops its dielectric strength thereby taking immediate action on that particular piece of equipment. If unnoticed it may result in the transformer heating up, short circuiting and finally exploding costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Other benefits is that the analysis of insulating oils not only provides information about the oil, but also enables the detection of other possible problems, including contact arcing, aging insulating paper and other latent faults and is an indispensable part of a cost-efficient electrical maintenance program.

Dielectric Constant is an indicator of oil quality. Changes in the dielectric constant of used oil from the new oil are an indication of the presence of contaminants, such as water or particles, additive depletion or oxidation.

Techenomics offer the standard test package which tests for Dielectric strength via the IEC 156 method, total acid number via the ASTM D 974 method, Water content via the ASTM D 6304 and Flash point via the ASTM D 93 method.
Techenomics has performed Transformer Oil analysis for a major client in NSW, for the past few years.

Highlighted below is a report for this client highlighting the benefits of Transformer Oil Analysis.

transformer oil analysis report

As is indicated in the report, the continuous monitoring of the transformer oil enabled Techenomics to identify the point at which the oil dropped its dielectric strength. When the client was made aware of this, they then took immediate action to rectify the problem for that piece of equipment. If the drop in the oils dielectric strength went unnoticed it may have resulted in the heating up of the transformer, as the oil has lost its insulating property, and ended up in a short circuit. The transformer would have then exploded costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Transformer oil analysis sample report – download image here

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