Techenomics International set the Market Example for 2013

Jan 16, 2013 | coal seam gas exploration, News, oil analysis, Press Release

Techenomics’ incredible market insight and hard work throughout 2012 has paid off, as the company experiences growth and positive results at offices and laboratories across the globe with new contracts won, new laboratories opened and the growth and expansion of their product range for 2013.

Techenomics PNG has acquired new business, recently winning the contract to provide a full condition monitoring service to the Simberi gold mine in PNG owned by St. Barbara.

“We have been working with a number of organisations in PNG for some time and this new opportunity fits perfectly with our longer term aim to expand our global reach for our oil analysis services.

We are looking forward to working with the St. Barbara team assisting them in developing a maintenance management structure that will minimise their costs and maximise their equipment and over time we will expand the available services to include specialty lubricants and field services” explains Chris Adsett, Executive Director of Techenomics.

The contract includes used oil sample analysis, fresh oil sample analysis, grease analysis, coolant analysis, fuel analysis, supplying of sample kits (warehouse stock item), oil test results trending online (via Blue Ocean software program), equipment life hours trending online (via Blue Ocean software program), oil test history online (via Blue Ocean software program), on line reporting (via Blue Ocean software program) and nominated CM personnel will be given access to Techenomics Blue Ocean software program via their webpage.

2012 saw Techenomics open their first laboratory in Mongolia and in 2013 they can now offer the widest range of condition monitoring testing available in Mongolia from any other service provider.

A superior local and worldwide technical support team led by Francisco Bernabe, Andaru Gusnawan and Anuu Mandul has also been put together and the laboratory is now well poised to provide a very complete, broad and extensive condition monitoring service to all industrial segments in Mongolia, especially the mining industry.

“I’m proud of the progress that has been made in Mongolia and the strong relationship that we have established with virtually all of the substantial miners. As of this week we can now do about 5000 oil analysis samples per month, coolant analysis, grease analysis, fuel analysis and transformer oil analysis, which is a major achievement for the company” says Mr Adsett.

Further expanding their horizons, Techenomics showed their versatility by completing their first coal seam gas project in Tanzania, East Africa and although no gas was discovered the project for NuEnergy was considered a huge success as explained by NuEnergy Chairman Dave Mason.

“NuEnergy didn’t achieve the results we were looking for, however the field program went smoothly and the AAA and IEC personnel involved were able to learn something about the gas collection and testing procedures.”

Going forward Techenomics are looking to add gas testing to their Indonesian operations and to monitor closely the opportunities in East Africa.


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