Techenomics Wins Flushing Contract in Indonesia

Aug 1, 2012 | hydraulic flushing, Press Release

Hydraulic Flushing Equipment

Techenomics oil and gas group in Indonesia have won the contract to flush the hydraulic systems of three tug boats on the Indonesian Island of Batam, to achieve NAS 7 certification and help prolong the equipment life of the tug boats.

The programme will consist of pickling, hydraulic flushing and hydro testing of the full hydraulic systems of three tug boats, a common practice used in the ship building industry.

“We have started work on the first of the three boats, and we envisage the job to take about three to four weeks. Timing is dependent on if the hydraulic piping construction progress can be moved as per our shipyard plan.” Says Chris Adsett, CEO of Techenomics.

At the end of the process the cleanliness will then be measured and certification of the systems being cleaned to NAS 7 will be provided based on in line cleanliness monitoring.

“Techenomics has reached NAS codes before as required by customers in various business segments including shipyard, oil and gas and the power plant industry and we are 100% confident that we can reach this certification for our client.” Continues Mr Adsett.

Although flushing helps prevent equipment failure and prolonges the life of equipment, many companies still ignore the benefit and cost savings flushing provides.

“ Flushing is so important as part of the pre commissioning, as any dirt left in the hydraulic system can accelerate hydraulic pump and system failure and reduce life of the components by up to 97%.

A sudden premature failure at sea would be costly, hazardous and likely to cost enormously in lost income due to the ship requiring unscheduled repairs. It’s vital that the hydraulic systems are clean and stay clean.” Explains Mr Adsett.

Techenomics hope to expand its flushing operations into the steam and gas turbine power plant market segments and in addition to flushing can also manufacture modules for oil filtration and oil purification.


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