PT Tekenomiks Indonesia concludes a successful year

Jul 16, 2012 | News, Techenomics Indonesia

As our financial year has come to a close, with both highlights and a number of disappointments, I would like to congratulate the PT Tekenomiks Indonesia team.

I am proud of the PTTI team for their continued improvement, staff development and committed spirit. The team is committed to providing the best maintenance support structure and advise for lowering operating costs and improving equipment reliability through the use of fluid analysis.

They are continually looking to improve their services and expand on the benefits of routine fluid analysis. General Manager Freddy Tamara said, “We are totally committed to our customers and their needs, we are flexible and always prepared to accept new challenges. Working with our customer base gives us all great personal satisfaction, especially when we are able to go that extra journey and achieve success for us all.”

Future growth will come from greater market penetration, expanded product range and new analytical processes. This comes amongst growth within the techenomics group into Mongolia, China, Myanmar and East Africa.

The administrative and marketing officer for the developing Mongolian subsidiary Aanuushka Anu, or Annuu as she likes to be known is currently visiting Balikpapan to better understand the pressures and requirements of a fluid analysis laboratory servicing the mining industry. An industry that must always endeavour to reduce costs and improve equipment utilisation to cope with the constantly changing market conditions caused by  uncertain commodity prices.

We understand mining both in PTTI and in the broader market.

Annuu has been introduced to a number of our customers, attended a breakfast and was the companies guest of honour at a BBQ last night in Balikpapan.

Annuu said, ” Balikpapan is a beautiful city, the people are so friendly and I have enjoyed my time with the PTTI staff who have provided me with a much better understanding og the mining and fluid analysis business in Indonesia. This familiarisation and training visit has been invaluable and I thank Freddy Tamara and his staff for their assistance”.

Chris Adsett.

CEO Techenomics Group.

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