Hydraulic Systems flushing of three tugboats

Jul 8, 2012 | Filtration, hydraulic flushing

Hydraulic Flushing project

Our oil and gas group have been successful in winning a contract to flushing the hydraulic systems of three tug boats on the Indonesian Island of Batam. Work commenced today and I visited the shipyard to get a first hand appreciation of the programme which will consist of Pickling, hydraulic flushing and hydro testing of the full hydraulic systems on three tug boats. At the end of the process, certification of the systems being cleaned to NAS 7 will be provided based on in line cleanliness monitoring.

We have started work on the first of the three boats, which is now alongside, with a flurry of activity to get the boat ready for commissioning.

Of considerable interest was the use of large “air filled” sausages that are used to move the “construction completed” vessels from dry land to the waters edge for launching. A dozer was used as a “land tug” to hold the tug from rolling forward too fast and a crane was used to “drag” the vessel forward. A very simple and effective process.


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