Techenomics Services

Techenomics International is an independent company that provides oil analysis and expert testing of all petroleum fluids across Australia and Asia.

Techenomics provide a wide variety of services including:

  • Oil Analysis - the analytical results of a lubricant's property, suspended contaminants and wear debris. Oil analysis is performed during scheduled routine preventative maintenance inspections to provide precise and useful information on lubricants and the condition of the machines being tested.  Oil analysis, if used correctly, can provide maintenance personnel with the ability to improve availability rates on equipment, lower downtime and save extraordinary amounts of money.
  • Hydraulic Flushing – the flushing of contaminants from piping systems using high-turbulence oil velocity circulation.  The contaminants are effectively trapped in the filter and removed. The clean oil, after filtration, is pumped back into the piping system to flush out the remaining contaminants, and the process is repeated continuously until the system is at the required NAS code. The main cause of “initial failure” and operational downtime of the hydraulic system is typically the consequence of particles and other contaminants in the hydraulic system. It is vital that these systems are flushed prior to commissioning to remove all foreign materials.
  • Coolant Analysis- the quality of the coolant can seriously affect engine performance. It is important to analyse water based fluids e.g. engine coolant to prevent adverse effects on the engine. Techenomics test coolants to help identify the condition of the coolant to ensure proper cooling operation and maintain an effective maintenance schedule.
  • Onspec Service Truck-Techenomics now have a mobile service truck that is available 24/7 to perform condition monitoring onsite. It is a five tonne 4WD tray truck that functions as a mobile grease plant that is used to provide lubricating services for a variety of mine sites. The OnSpec service truck has flexibility and capability to access most areas on mine sites and is resistant to normal and extreme weather conditions.

Techenomics also provide many other products and services. For further information click here.