Turbine Oil Analysis

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Turbine Oil Analysis

Turbines Oils are used extensively in the power generation industry. Turbines are the life blood of the operation. So any unexpected downtime in a turbine will result in huge maintenance costs and loss of power. Techenomics turbine oil analysis packages are designed to identify the core functions of the oil and to monitor the operating conditions; this will enable you to schedule proactive maintenance procedures and carry out meaningful programs to protect the systems.

Turbine oils need to be free of water and contaminants, have the thermal ability to withstand high operating temperatures, ability to combat the by-products associated to oxidation and acid build-up and most importantly, lubricate the necessary internal components whilst having the capability to resist against shear stress.Techenomics laboratories are able to provide in-depth analysis of lubricant properties, wear and contamination affecting turbine performance and suitability of oil life.

Standard Test Package





Wear metals ,Contaminants & Additives


ASTM D6595


ASTM D7418

Moisture By KF

ASTM D6304

Hydraulic Cleanliness

ISO 4006


ASTM 2896/664

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