Magnetic Plug Inspections

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Magnetic plug inspections

Techenomics have been performing magnetic plug inspections since 2002, covering equipment fleets such as haul trucks, rear dumps, dozers and loaders. The collected data has provided maintenance planners with the vital information directed at identifying iron wear generation; this service provides insight information to the component life of wheel hubs, final drives and other planetary gearboxes. Magnetic Plugs may also be used in differentials and engine sumps. Preventing unnecessary failures is the key to cutting costs.

Preventative Maintenance is all about gaining insight knowledge of the equipment compartments. Magnetic Plug Inspections provide this sight into the future by capturing wear particles on the end of a Magnetic Plug. These plugs sit inside the compartment, each time the oil passes the magnet; the magnet filters the oil by holding the wear particles. This stops wear generation from increasing dramatically, caused by normal particle rubbing on internal components.

Magnetic wear is graded in levels of wear; level A being in good, clean condition, Level B being moderate amounts of debris and Level C being large amounts of debris being held on the plug, Recommendations are then provided in the Online reporting via BLUE OCEANS.

Magnetic Plug Inspections provide invaluable knowledge