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OnSpec Service Truck

TECHENOMICS says its new mobile grease plant has been successfully used to provide lubricating services for a variety of mine sites. The service vehicle, a five tonne 4WD Mitsubishi tray truck, was first purchased in January 2008. The company aimed to use it to pump its range of ONSPEC lubricants 24/7.

According to the lubricant provider, the grease truck needed to have the flexibility and capacity to access most areas on mine sites on a daily basis, during both normal and extreme weather conditions.

Engineers modified the tray to fit two 700kg product storage tanks with air driven pumps powered by the vehicle. Filtration units from the company were installed to carry and dispense lubricants from fluid bags, drums or intermediate bulk containers.

The vehicle was commissioned in March 2008 and has been meeting its daily schedules and output obligations for 4 years.

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