Oil Burn System

Apr 12, 2012 | condition monitoring, oil analysis, oil burn system

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Oil Burn System

Techenomics International has provided a design to a multinational shipbuilding yard in Asia that will save millions of dollars. The program entails filtering the waste oil generated from the equipment and placing used oil into a storage tank. This will then be passed through a fine filtration system allowing this to be dosed with the main fuel storage tank, to be burnt through the normal combustion process in the engines. The waste oil is finely filtered as to not block engine injectors.

The system is designed to reduce waste oil from sites and reduce fuel consumption. This can save companies millions on fuel costs, waste oil removal and eventually lowering the time required for ongoing maintenance.

This program requires highly trained field staff, that can not only handle field work but also provide onsite oil analysis reports to the client. Techenomics field staff will obtain samples from the waste oil and monitor the cleanliness, water and viscosity to ensure that the waste oil is kept to a peak performance for the mixing ratio.

Reduce your diesel fuel and waste oil costs

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