Hydraulic Flushing

Apr 11, 2012 | hydraulic flushing, preventative maintenance

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Hydraulic Flushing

Techenomics has extensive experience with the Hydraulic Flushing of pipe work associated with marine and offshore installations. The process will flush contaminants from the piping system by high-turbulence oil velocity circulation, where the contaminant will be effectively trapped in the filter. The clean oil after filtration will be pumped back into the piping system to flush out the remaining contaminant, and the process will be repeated continuously until the system is at the required NAS code.

The cleanliness of the Hydraulic Oil Flushing Medium will be controlled by an inline particle counter capable of identifying real time cleanliness levels of the piping system throughout the flushing process. The cleanliness level will be compared to NAS and/or ISO cleanliness Level (JS).

The predominant cause of “initial failure” and operational downtime of the hydraulic system is usually the result of particles and other contaminants in the hydraulic system. It is vital that these systems are flushed prior to commissioning. It is common for large particles such as grime, welding slag, worn metal, gasket pieces, sand, sealant etc, to be present prior to commissioning. All these contaminants can cause sudden failure or damage to pumps, motors valves, bearings, actuators, and pistons. Contamination in the piping system and the oil medium can clog the gaps between the housing and spool valves, resulting in leaking valves and malfunction of the hydraulic system. To avoid these situations, Hydraulic Flushing is required before any commissioning of equipment.

Techenomics International has been commissioned to flush the hydraulic lines of 14 coal barges that will operate in East Kalimantan. All lines will be pigged and chemically cleaned before flushing commences. Samples of Hydraulic oil will be analysed to certify that the lines have been cleaned to NAS 7.The certification will cover water content, viscosity and ISO cleanliness. All results will be reported and listed on Blue Oceans. Techenomics International will supply an oil skid to filter and flush contaminants to less than Cleanliness of NAS 7.The skid will be based on the same dimensions as a sea container with twist locks for ease of transporting. This will require the service of a full time technician to operate the skid oil and treat the oil through a filtration process, carry out the analysis for viscosity, water content, ISO Cleanliness and dispense into collector tank for refurbishment.

The Collector Oil will be recycled and reused after cleanliness of less than NAS 7 is achieved.

For more information on Hydraulic Flushing, please contact your nearest Techenomics branch: www.techenomics.net

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