Developments at Techenomics

Dear Friends and Associates of Techenomics International,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the New Year with announcements of new developments within Techenomics International. Some major changes are designed to improve our service, broaden our product reach, increase the condition monitoring feedback on your oil analysis, improve communications and have some fun.

Our core focus remains oil analysis and associated laboratory services such as coolant testing, grease testing, water testing and fuel testing. We can handle all your fluid analysis requirements. Our IT people and web engineers have developed new sites to better differentiate our various customer groups such as mining, oil and gas and rail. This will allow more specific focus on the requirements of each customer group. Core services such as oil analysis will have greater content and more on line options.

We have recently opened a new oil analysis laboratory in Banjarmasin in central/southern Kalimantan in Indonesia to predominantly service coal mines and mining contractors in that region. This laboratory will allow us to provide better turn around time and a closer relationship with the engineers in that region to improve maintenance planning.

The fuel laboratory in Balikpapan is now fully functional and servicing the needs of the local operators, especially those with dirty fuel problems. We are well equipped to test your fuel and recommend a range of solutions to solve your problems, from fuel management, filtration and conditioners.

A myriad of small changes are being made to the site to improve the operations of Blue Oceans, with new modules and features designed to increase the sites ability to provide maintenance planning tools. As I'm sure you are aware the power of trending should not be under estimated. Please contact us if you would like to suggest additional features to improve the functionality of our programme or features to assist you improve your company's maintenance planning programme.

Please join us on line at Twitter; Facebook; Blog; News desk.

Chris Adsett.