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Again we want to stress the importance of having your fuels tested. Please continue reading and let us know if you require further information.

Techenomics laboratories are able to analyze both Petrol and Diesel fuels, helping clients to improve fuel quality in order to meet the commercial and regulatory specifications. Fuel Analysis forecasts the potential causes for poor injector performance, smoking, power loss, sticking valves, filter plugging. Fuel testing at Techenomics helps the end user to identify the quality of the fuel that affects the engine performance. Our testing of the fuel confirms the biodiesel content, sulphur content and compares with the manufactures specification and cleanliness standards.

At Techenomics, we follow regulatory standards such as IP and ASTM for Fuel Analysis and testing services by Techenomics International and utilize the in-house expertise to trace the contamination issues making us the most demanding fuel analysis provider. Techenomics always stay well informed with the current market trends, providing upgrades with keeps upgrade with the changing fuel specifications to generate best results from our fuel analysis.

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