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Blue Oceans conditioning monitoring software online trending program has always had the capabilities of searching, viewing and trending your Oil Analysis results online, due to the success of this, Techenomics have now incorporated the ability to also search, view and trend your Fuel Analysis results.

The Analytical evaluation of your fuels quality, cleanliness and physical properties are clearly reported in a user friendly manner, this enables planners and maintenance staff to quickly and precisely make decisions based off the analysis interpretation of the results.

Fuel Analysis is performed on diesel, petrol and bio degradable fuels to ensure that when the fuel is burnt in the combustion process, it will not carry any contaminants, bugs, fungal growth, water or other physical compositions that may harm or potentially lower an engines life span.

The new fuel module will allow you to quickly find results by allowing you to search via multiple selections; these searching functions have been created to speed up the process when looking for historical information.

The Fuel report itself, is simple and easy to use, making this an effective tool for any maintenance program. It provides you with the capabilities to see and trend previous results, monitor large bulk tanks and deliveries to ensure that the quality of fuel is consistent and maintained.

Large bulk tanks should be regularly sampled and analyzed to ensure that water contamination, bacterial growth, fungal growth and oxidization is not occurring, especially with fuel that may lay dormant for awhile.

Another perfect reason as to check your fuel is for the quality you are receiving by your supplier, at such a high a price for fuel, you need to ensure you are getting quality fuel that will have a complete combustion and not leave deposit build-up that may cause harm due to using poor quality fuels.

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