Engine trouble and Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis is generally used as a tool for viewing a lubricant's properties, wear particles and debris from within an Engine. Results are expressed in a report with either automated or manual interpretations, depending on your oil analysis provider. Without proper diagnoses of the results, an engine problem can easily go unnoticed until it reaches the point of failure or total destruction.

Oil Condition reports normally state the obvious, after reading a couple of these reports you will start to notice similarities that if trended, could actually mean something entirely different. When elements are trended together and common patterns or similarities are found, then you have started to establish a proactive maintenance strategy. Further  diagnoses should lead you to common failure points from within Engines or other lubricant compartments.
These graphs quickly indicate issues that can go un-noticed , this will lead to issues down the track.

oil analysis charts

Techenomics realise that most laboratory staff, engineers, equipment owners and other people that get Oil Analysis provided to them may simply just not have the time to use analytics to interpret this data, not to mention it is a highly specialised area,  this is why Techenomics have established a team of dedicated personnel known as failure analysis technicians "FAT".

"That's right", you can simply hire a FAT from Techenomics to have analytical work performed on your data so that engine problems and other problems will NOT go unnoticed and reccurrences do not continue to happen.

This image highlights exactly what was mentioned in the data above, Don't let this happen to you, contact Techenomics and request a FAT.

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