Does your piston look like this?

Feb 17, 2012 | condition monitoring, oil analysis

 Do the pistons in your dump truck look like this ?


This engine failed after only 5000 hrs due to excessive carbon build up around the rings led to polishing of the cylinder walls creating fuel by pass, poor lubrication and total engine failure.

A very expensive event that could have been prevented and repairs carried out during scheduled maintenance.

Although the truck owner was doing oil analysis their provider was not committed and purely punched out data that was “ Not Analysed “ and a waste of money. All samples were declared as normal. A number of tell tale signs were obvious two to three months before the failure.

The figure below that highlights a number of irregularities in the oil analysis that were obvious at least three months prior to the failure.


Does your provider give you what you Want from oil analysis ?

The Techenomics system of ” Condition Monitoring

Our Oil Analysis is designed to be your maintenance partner and provide you with a complete report on your lubricated compartment, define long term trends that may alert you to future problems, highlight current issues that require investigation and give you the confidence to extend oil hrs when the lubricant is fit for continued duty.


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