Batam Hydraulic Flushing Projects by Techenomics

Oct 12, 2011 | hydraulic flushing, NAS Cleanliness Certification | 0 comments

Techenomics International is pleased to announce the recent completion of two Hydraulic Oil flushing projects in Batam shipyards during September.

The company’s  Offshore (Marine) division is based in Batam Island Indonesia under the control of Jonter Siregar and is geared to provide a range of pre-commissioning tasks.

The company has the capacity to provide hydraulic line flushing, Hydro testing, chemical cleaning, bolt tightening, NAS cleanliness certification, and filtration in addition to the company’s core condition monitoring services.

The first project was the hydraulic oil flushing with cleanliness certification of NAS 6 of Nippon Kuroshio II, an offshore pipelaying and crane barge alongside at the Nippon shipyard (see picture below).

Later in the month we had the privilege of working on the 50,000 tonne semi-submersible floating accommodation “block” that is alongside at the BritOil shipyard.

This monstrous floating hotel houses up to 350 personnel, can operate at sea for months in very deep water. It carries four serious cranes and is set up for helicopter support and stands 15 stories high (see picture below).

A fascinating vessel, on which we carried out hydraulic line flushing to NAS 6 standards.

We are justifiably proud of our Batam based engineering team and thank Nippon and BritOil for their help in the successful completion of these two projects.

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Techenomics has developed a range of lubrication, condition monitoring, oil analysis and zone completion engineering services for Marine, Shipyard and Offshore Operators.
We have developed facilities to support the industry in Batam and Balikpapan (Indonesia), Turkey, Australia’s Bass Strait and the North West Shelf in Australia.

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