Monthly Archives: October 2011

Techenomics’ Blue Oceans Gets a Facelift

Blue Oceans gets a Face Lift Techenomics International online Condition Monitoring Software "Blue Oceans", will be upgraded with the latest Technologies on Friday Afternoon, 14/10/2011, at which time you may experience outages due to the website being upgraded. To find out more about Blue Oceans Software and its capabilities, please visit https://www.techenomics.net/blue-oceans-condition-monitoring-software.html and click on…
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Batam Hydraulic Flushing Projects by Techenomics

Techenomics International is pleased to announce the recent completion of two Hydraulic Oil flushing projects in Batam shipyards during September. The company's ¬†Offshore (Marine) division is based in Batam Island Indonesia under the control of Jonter Siregar and is geared to provide a range of pre-commissioning tasks. The company has the capacity to provide hydraulic…
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