Save on Rebuild Costs using Magnetic Plugs

Sep 14, 2011 | magnetic plug inspection | 0 comments

Magnetic Plugs are used as a Preventative Maintenance tool in Mining and Fixed Plant Construction, they are designed to create an invisible magnetised field that persistently pulls, attracts and holds magnetic materials to the magnet, principally iron.

The magnet pulls and holds these suspended iron particles to ensure that further wear is not generated. If not held away from critical bearings and gearing, they would certainly rub, tear, scratch and even break internal components and cause the cost of repairs to substantially increase. We have witnessed many situations where early inspections have found failures through magnetic plug programmes and have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Magnetic Plugs can be used in multiple situations, they can be used in Final Drives on Semi Trailers, Rear Dumps and Excavators, they can be used on Differentials, they can be used on Hydraulic systems, they can even be used on large stationary gearboxes, all these components will benefit from having a Magnetic Plug hold the iron particles and prevent further damage being caused by wear on internal components whilst at the same time providing maintenance staff with knowledge of what is happening inside these components, just like when you visit the doctor with a cough, the Doctor asks you to open your mouth so he can look inside, the information he gathers to identify the problem and provide you with a script to heal yourself is the same as checking a magnetic plug for wear debris and finding out if it is necessary to replace parts or not.

Through regular and diligent inspections of Magnetic Plugs, problems and failures can be identified and corrected before equipment has completely failed, this will reduce maintenance costs dramatically by not having to replace entire units or having equipment broken down in unsafe production affecting situations.

Magnetic Plugs are an inexpensive Preventative Maintenance tool, and for those of you who do not use this simple technique, you are placing your fleet and stationary equipment at an unnecessary risk.
Need help? Techenomics can provide you with the Magnetic Plugs you need to get things underway, Techenomics can also provide you with Magnetic Plug Inspections, Techenomics have vast experience in this area, with technicians that have been checking and inspecting Magnetic Plugs for over ten years, to complement these services, Techenomics have also created an online Blue Oceans system capable of trending your magnetic plugs and providing you with the necessary tools to make those decisions and actions based on the information taken from the Magnetic Plugs.

Don’t prolong this any further, Techenomics are waiting for your call and ready to assist you in Magnetic Plug Preventative Maintenance Strategies.

For further information please contact Jason Davis on T: 02 65712699 or e-mail: or visit


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