Techenomics Fuel Conditioners

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Techenomics Fuel Conditioners
Fuel conditioners are similar in nature to water, except that they disperse easily and evenly throughout the fuel in your tank. The use of fuel conditioners lowers the fuel costs of a vehicle as well as lowering the release of harmful emissions.
The choice to use fuel conditioners saves money as well as helping the environment. Fuel conditioners also create a higher combustion temperature. This increases fuel quality, which in turn produces an increase in power, cleaner emissions, and improved fuel consumption.
During combustion the fuel burns from the outside of the combustion chamber slowly working its way to the inside. The smaller the fuel droplet, the quicker it will burn. As a fuel droplet containing fuel conditioner burns, it heats the fuel conditioner which turns it into vapour. This accelerates the combustion process. As the temperature increases, the pressure caused by the fuel conditioner vapour is greater than the surface tension of the fuel around it, and causes a micro explosion that breaks the fuel droplet.
The resulting explosion of the fuel droplet allows fuel to burn quicker. This is due to a greater surface area. This accelerated combustion also leads to much less unburnt fuel exiting from the combustion chamber.
Techenomics fuel conditioners contain no heavy metals/detergent components. The by-products from the fuel conditioners’ combustion are H20 (water) in the form of steam, and a trace amount of C02 which are also the natural by-products of the combustion of fuel. For this reason, fuel conditioners do not cause any damage to boilers/engines or and are environmentally friendly.
The use of fuel conditioners provides many benefits. Some of these include:

  • Increases fuel economy by over ten percent
  • Increases the power by over ten precent
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Harmful gas emissions are reduced by up to sixty percent
  • Reduces engine noise and vibration
  • Reduces the production of smoke by up to eighty percent
  • Lowers running costs making vehicles more cost effective to run
  • Safe and non-hazardous to use

Purge fluid is designed to clean the entire fuel system (including lines, pumps, injectors and carburettors).
Techenomics is a local lubrication and condition monitoring specialist operating throughout Australia, Asia, Turkey and in Madagascar. Techenomics supplies OnSpec brand Fuel Conditioners, which clean the entire fuel system (the engine, tanks, lines, injectors and the fuel itself). They also reduce other contaminants and foreign particles (e.g. bacteria, water and fungus). The OnSpec Fuel Conditioner developed by Techenomics treats all these problems in one easy step.

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