What is Oil Analysis?

Jun 10, 2011 | oil analysis, preventative maintenance | 0 comments

What is Oil Analysis and how should the program work?

Well, it is the analytical results of a lubricants properties, suspended contaminants and wear debris. That’s what we are led to believe, but in fact it is far more than that.

There are a majority of oil testing companies that produce oil testing results, all of which produce  results or evaluation of the lubricants properties, contaminants and wear particles, these results can be obtained  via a number of certain laboratory equipment, each test having its own unique method for providing the information necessary to interpret or report findings on the new or used lubricant.

The difference between Techenomics and other laboratories can easily be identified by the techniques and effort for producing the end result.
Techenomics is a true Oil Analysis Company wheras others are simply Oil Testing companies.

Most laboratories will only give you the analysis results with comments on their findings, they will flag the sample accordingly and the rest is left up to you to work out or decide. They will compare the readings against the OEM limits or recommended alarm levels for that type of equipment and compartment, but what they fail to do for you, is so much more important than providing you with simple numbers, graphs and data with a simple explanation which might be only 50% correct, in some cases far less than 50% of the interpretation is correct.

What Techenomics provide is a solution, a solution that is associated with Oil Analysis.
Techenomics analyse the sample just like the other laboratories, but then evaluate the sample somewhat differently. Results are compared to the upper and lower limits, or guidelines necessary for each sample, then the sample is crossed checked against history in case of any unexpected rise or change in the analysis, the data is then again evaluated and moved into the third stage for evaluation, the data is then compared to the normal running condition of the equipment and compartment and again evaluated.

This is where Techenomics stand out from the others, things such as internal components are looked at, an example of this might be: high Copper levels that came from nowhere would normally be flagged as a problem or critical sample by others, but at Techenomics we call our clients and check to see if the Oil Cooler had been changed, and therefore the sample is actually in a normal state for this type of change and it would be flagged as normal with an explanation in the comments stating that whom we called to discus, why the sample has been flagged as normal even with the high readings of copper, and then ensure our customers satisfaction by letting them know that this is a normal running condition for this type of equipment and over the next few samples we should expect to see a decrease in the copper levels as the Oil Cooler wears in and plays it part in the lubrication system.

See for yourself, contact your nearest Techenomics branch and ask for a free trial to get you started, you will notice the difference, and the difference is more than simple numbers, graphs and comments.



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