Blue Oceans Tender Upgrade

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Techenomics are an International company with extensive knowledge in lubrication maintenance and prevention whom operate four laboratories located throughout Australia and South East Asia.

Techenomics are placing these requirements to upgrade the Blue Oceans Software out for Tender as a standard practice and are seeking IT professionals that have vast experience in Microsoft .NET Framework and MySql that are capable of upgrading the Online Blue Oceans Software System.

Companies will be required to tender for the upgrading of the .NET Framework version 1.4 to .NET Framework version 4, as well as upgrading the MySql database from version 4.1 to version 5.5.

Companies will need to provide a test server so that the Techenomics IT Department may test the functionality of the system and ensure that it is capable of performing its duties within a stable environment, as well as testing for page faults, ASP faults, database faults, graphing and pdf errors.

The Techenomics Blue Oceans software was first designed and built in 2003, since then the Blue Oceans software has grown to compliment other services Techenomics has to offer large Mining, Shipping, freight, rail and Industrial companies.

The upgraded features provided the Blue Oceans software with the ability to trend Magnetic Plugs, record and trend Fuel and lubricant usage, has its own inbuilt Limit calculator that has the capabilities to trend individual site limits plus so many other functions.

Other software that has been incorporated into the design is .NET Charting, Aspose Charts, Sharp PDF and itextdotNet, these are used for both graphing options and printing reports to pdf.

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