Railway Locomotive Maintenance

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Techenomics has been working with Locomotive Engineers and maintenance departments for over 10 years. Their experience in analysing locomotive engines, traction motors and compressor oils has grown enormously throughout this period. The ability to trend historical data and highlight or pin point potential failures has fast become a standard in preventative maintenance strategies.

With the railways’ demand for increase over the next few years to support the coal industry and large mining organisations, Techenomics are doing their bit by forming a specialised rail group to better focus on the concerns of the rail industry.
The railway maintenance departments realise its significance in maintaining the locomotives and ensuring stoppages are avoidable, and that’s where Techenomics comes in handy, Techenomics are able to analyse the oil samples and identify wear patterns, trends, oil degradation and possible damage that could occur whilst the loco is in working state.

If the loco is in fact working and has a breakdown due to excessive fuel dilution or water ingress, this can cause enormous problems for locomotive engineers. The down time alone is enough to warrant sampling and trending of oil compartments, and the fact that these can be identified before the equipment comes to a standstill, is a great advantage – this lowers the repair costs, lowers the overall downtime on the equipment, and frees up maintenance personnel, all at a low cost.

An example of Techenomics working together with railway engineers to provide meaningful data that could help identify such issues with loco engines, is that recently Techenomics have started analysing Silver (Ag) in the spectrometry results.
This provides the loco engineers with the ability to check the wear on the turbo charger bearings in some of the older Locos without having to inspect anything physical, just like using a crystal ball!

“We at Techenomics, consider ourselves to be, your Condition Monitoring Partners, we work together with our clients to provide the most meaningful, reliable and valuable information that we possible can that may help in preventing breakdowns and failures on all oil wetted compartments, we know that we can help, it’s now just a matter of people having an understanding of preventative maintenance and how it can benefit them and their companies. .” Says Mr Jason Davis, BDM, Techenomics International.


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