Techenomics Offshore Hydraulic Flushing Achieves a NAS 7

Techenomics International has successfully completed hydraulic flushing of hydraulic lines onboard the offshore supply vessel “MicLyn Victory “, acheiving a NAS 7 cleanliness certificate.

The Techenomics Batman engineering division, lead by Jonter Siregar, flushed the vessels entire hydraulic system including the capstan, windlass, towing winch, hydraulic powerpack, and storage reel winch systems, providing achieving a target cleanliness certificate of NAS 7 for all systems.

The whole procedure was quick and efficient allowing the vessel to be turned around in 48 hrs.

The hydraulic flushing required real time analysis so Techenomics International also provided an “onsite oil cleanliness analyser” allowing the client to witness the cleanliness on an on going basis during the entire operation.

The results were listed on the company’s online platform Blue Oceans, which is a complete condition monitoring programme designed to incorporate many sets of data for the planner, maintenance manager and shop floor fitter to manage component maintenance to achieve maximum utilisation, eliminate unplanned stoppages and reduce operating costs.

Techenomics has completed a number of similar operations involving pickling and flushing of hydraulic lines on offshore units this year.


For further information please contact Jonter Siregar on T: 02 65712699 or e-mail: jonter@techenomics.com or visit www.techenomics.net

For media enquiries please contact Brooke Tolar on M: 0411 553 246 or e-mail brooketolar@gmail.com