Techenomics Reopens Blackwater Office

Techenomics International has reopened its Queensland Coalfields office in Blackwater, appointing Terry Lewis from its Singleton office as the new Operations Supervisor for the region.

Mr Lewis, who has been with Techenomics in Field Operations for a number of years believes re-opening the Blackwater Office presents numerous opportunities for the company.

“I really think that there is enormous opportunity in this area and I’m very excited about both mine and Techenomics future prospects.” Explains Mr Lewis.

Mr Lewis, who is also a keen biker, has made a number of friends and is looking forward to fitting into the community.

Techenomics is currently providing Queensland Coalfields with a wide range of field service work, oil analysis, Specialty lubricants and consumables such as filter barrels and magnetic plugs.

Oil Analysis services are also being provided with a guaranteed three day turn around and results are available on the companies blue ocean software that has revolutionised the utilisation of condition monitoring by effectively and practically delivering basic working oil analysis and providing a unique maintenance planning tool.

According to Mr Lewis, open gear lubricants and drill pipe break out grease are two products that he would recommend from the companies wide product range.

For further product information please visit www.techenomics.net


For further information please contact Terry Lewis on T: 0437 047 278 or

Jason Davis on T: 02 65712699, e-mail: jason.davis@techenomics.com or visit www.techenomics.net

For media enquiries please contact Brooke Tolar on M: 0411 553 246 or e-mail brooketolar@gmail.com