On Spec Does It Again

May 5, 2010 | oil analysis

Techenomics International advanced purge fluid and OSCAR fuel conditioner have again delivered positive results after reducing fuel consumption on a 620hp Prime Mover for a local company in the Hunter Valley.

The 5% fuel reduction was a direct result of purging the engine and fuel lines giving immediate benefits, then dosing the tanks with OSCAR fuel conditioner to achieve even greater results.

The Prime Mover was then sent on an 800km run and the operator of the Prime Mover noticed there was an immediate increase in horse power after the purging and cleaning of the vehicle’s fuel lines.

With continued use of OSCAR, which is designed to improve combustion, control water emulsions, reduce sludge build-up and provide a healthier engine with lower emissions, even greater results for the prime Mover will be achieved.
Another local company in the Hunter Valley suffered an extreme case of fungi and bacteria growth in their bulk tanks, causing filters to block and stopping the equipment.

“We received a call from our client asking for Techenomics to provide a quick solution to their bulk tank problem, which was causing them extreme loss time on equipment as well as loss of business.” Explained Mr Jason Davis, Products Development” Techenomics International.

“We chose to dose the bulk tanks with OSCAR fuel conditioner immediately and analyse the results later.

“It has now been over two weeks, the bulk fuel tanks and filters are clean and the problem solved with the help of OnSpec OSCAR Fuel Conditioner as well as recommendations to incorporate bulk tank filters and an adequate breather system.” Continues Mr Davis.


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