Techenomics Appoint New Laboratory Manager

Techenomics International announced today the appointment of Ms Yasemin Fadil as Laboratory Manager-Singleton.

Ms Fadil has been acting in this role for a number of months and has already upgraded the oil analysis and laboratory procedures, installed new testing regimes and worked with the business development team to create new techniques for the testing ( oil analysis ) of hydraulic oils to reduce hydraulic system failures and ensure correct hydraulic oil selection and usage.

The Techenomics Singleton laboratory provides oil analysis to a wide range of clients working in diverse markets such as coal mining to off shore oil and gas support barges on the North West shelf.

Typically the laboratory performs a range of oil analysis services with turnaround times as short as eight hours for tests such as wear metals and 24 hours when required for a complete suite of oil analysis programmes. An emergency service is available for samples when results are required in less than four hours.

In her new role as Laboratory Manager, Ms Fadil aims to further reduce turnaround times in this ISO 9001 accredited oil analysis laboratory and meet customer demands to create more value from oil analysis to maximise equipment availability and minimise operating costs in lubricated compartments.